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  • 08-26-2015: RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops

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What do we do?

  • Student competitions: Participate in the IEEEXtreme 24-hour programming competition, design competitions, and others.
  • Open office hours: The IEEE at NYU office is in LC011B. During open office hours you can speak to an IEEE executive board member, work on a project, or get some homework help on basic undergraduate EE courses. View our schedule. 
  • Seminars, talks, hands-on workshops: We host soldering, Arduino, PSpice, and other workshops; and we invite guest speakers for seminars and talks (often together with our honor society branch, Eta Kappa Nu). Join our mailing list to be notified in advance of our events.
  • Club Projects: Bring a Projects proposal to our general body meetings or e-mail us. If there’s enough interest from the club for you to form a team, we may be able to fund it as a club project. Past projects have included a Sentry Gun/Motion Tracking Defense System, a Wii Remote Interactive Whiteboard Project, and a Liquid Cooled PC.

Why become a national member?

If you do become a student member of the IEEE national you'll get:

  • A subscription to IEEE Spectrum magazine (online and print versions monthly)
  • An online and print subscription to IEEE Potentials magazine, published every other month.
  • Highly discounted rates on valuable IEEE subscriptions, including society memberships and publications, and IEEE conferences
  • Email alias @ieee.org - instantly showing you are an IEEE member
  • Access to the IEEE job site
  • Eligibility for IEEE scholarships, awards, and fellowships

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